Case Studies

Threefold Architecture

Our mates (and partner sub-contractors), Threefold Architecture, recently purchased a building in Durham St, which was built in the 60's and in serious need of an update. The building was previously a retail and office space for a construction equipment company, and was lacklustre and ready for a makeover.Threefold created a fresh design to completely renovate the building, creating a modern front...
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Willowview Drive

 Bernadette and Andy needed more space to accommodate their growing family. They had investigated selling and buying something bigger, but because they liked the location of their existing home, they opted for an addition. Together with Threefold Architecture, we: Designed and planned a spacious master suite, added to the rear of their home Adjusted plans to allow for added concrete paving to the ...
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Cleveland Street

You may have heard of our client's business: Bennetto Fine Foods Co, makers of fine organic chocolate (yum!).To cope with the growth of her business, the owner of Bennetto decided to convert an old, unused barn at the back of her property into a chocolate making facility. With even further growth in the foreseeable future, it was important to design the renovation so that the building could be use...
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Nuts and Bolts Cafe

Nuts and Bolts is a cafe within the University of Canterbury (UC). Obviously this project was of high importance - those hard working uni kids have to eat! The client already had plans for the cafe - they just needed our assistance with construction and coming up with the best cost effective solutions for that area. For this project, we:Worked with Nuts and Bolts to create a building component tha...
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