Our Process

Initial Enquiry

Once we've received your enquiry, we’ll give you a call to get a little more information and to set up a time for us to get together at your convenience. We can let you know at this stage whether it would be a good idea for your architect to attend this meeting. If you haven’t found an architect and your project requires one, we can link you in with an independent architect, or one of our preferred partners.


We'll Get Together

This is when we meet with you to discuss your ideas, budget and time frames further. We’ll also take you through our Procuro Guarantee. Every renovation and building project is unique, at this meeting we will outline the process and agree on the next steps. At this meeting we’ll also recommend who to speak to about storage options (if you need them during your renovation), and will discuss colours, fixtures and fittings for your renovations. 


Drawing Up Plans

If your project requires it, your architect will complete concept drawings – it’ll be exciting to see your ideas come to life on paper! It’s normal to revise these plans several times before you are happy with the results. We like to work alongside you and your architect and provide any practical support.



Using your concept drawings, we will prepare a comprehensive project estimate for your project – this will contain quotes from our trusted suppliers and contractors. At this stage we can also give you start and finish dates for your project.


Final Designs and Consenting

Once concept drawings are agreed, your architect will begin on working drawings which will be prepared for council building consent and engineering consultation, surveyors etc (if necessary). At this point we will present you with a letter containing a final fixed quote.


Signing Documentation

Your working drawings and quote are complete and your consent has been filed and approved. At this point you’ll sign a New Zealand Master Builders contract, the Procuro Guarantee and the set of working drawings (approved by council) as well as your letter of quote.



Your Project Manager will work with you throughout your entire project from design through to completion. He is responsible for managing your project so it is delivered on time and within budget. He will organise contractors, materials and council inspections. Your Project Manager will be in constant communication with you and you are welcome to call him at any stage of your project.


Deliver Your Dream Home

Once your renovation is completed, your Project Manager will organise for your final inspection with the council (if necessary). As well as completing our own quality checklist we will walk through your home with you to ensure you’re totally happy with the finished results. Once we’re assured you’re happy with the results, we will apply for your Code of Compliance Certificate (if needed) and book your complimentary home clean, then it’s over to you to enjoy your new home!